This 8-session private coaching program is designed to help tech professionals who feel stuck in their jobs create happier lives for themselves.

If you're longing for something more out of your career, but not sure what that is or if just want to make some tweaks to your current path so that you feel more passionate about it, you're in the right place!

I guide my clients to connect to the continuous stream of information their body, emotions, intuition, and surroundings are emitting, surface insights and guidance, and apply the wisdom to their lives.

This program is a good fit if:

  • you're ready to make changes to your life in a proactive, directed, and intuitive manner 
  • you understand that the approach is a process, not an answer or formula
  • you are committed to spending time and energy outside of sessions putting insights and tools into practice - otherwise you won't experience lasting change!

The program includes:

  • a two-hour kickoff session at Half Moon Bay State Beach (or over the phone/on Skype for remote clients)
  • seven one-hour sessions over the phone/on Skype
  • email support in between sessions

Sessions are 100% confidential.


Through a blend of coaching tools, experimentation and measurement, and Nature connection, I will guide you to:

  • alleviate your current stress points
  • "unclog" your flow of creativity
  • start striving toward what makes you uniquely happy and fulfilled (versus escaping from what doesn't)
  • incrementally create change in your life

Intended outcomes:

  • become happier where you are, right now
  • gain clarity on what you want
  • see more options
  • assume a more proactive role in shaping your life (i.e., "lead" your life)
  • learn tools and techniques to manage long-term happiness

You may also experience an "upward spiral."  Striving for happiness can have positive side effects such as improved health and a reduced urge to spend money on coping mechanisms, making you even happier!


This program can be extended as needed to continue down the path of identifying your dreams and turning them into reality.

For more information or to request a free 30-minute phone consultation, please contact me.