My Story

             Phylis Savari

I had followed the traditional career path.  I received a Bachelor of Science from MIT, a Master of Science from Stanford University, and had a job lined up before graduation.  I was paying back student loans, starting a new life for myself, and everything felt on track.  

As time passed, job stress crept up on me and began taking its toll.  A nagging voice inside of me kept saying that it doesn't have to be like this but I dismissed it, rationalizing that I was much better off than most people and shouldn't be complaining.

I dedicated my free time to doing whatever was the opposite of sitting in a cubicle.  My weekends were spent trying a variety of adventure sports and while I enjoyed these activities they only temporarily relieved my stress.  I found myself spending significant amounts of money to offset my cubicle life, which was still winning the tug-of-war.  The nagging voice in my head got even louder.

mt elbert.JPG

I began shifting my free time toward taking career tests, doing volunteer work, and taking classes in whatever interested me in the hopes of finding a way to become happier.  I tried yoga classes and even sought out answers on mountain tops, but still remained stuck because my approach was backwards - from the outside-in.


By limiting my domain of options to an external list I was treating my life like a multiple choice test rather than a blank canvas.


Then fear set in.  Was reinvention possible?  Could I pursue joyful and meaningful life in a money-oriented culture?  All my energy was being used to maximize short-term revenue at tech companies.  Would I still be doing this when I'm 65?  Not sure what to do differently, I continued to press forward until this happened:


Exceeding my limit was the jolt I needed to step out of mainstream thinking.  

I finally decided to listen to that nagging voice inside of me.

With some training from the Martha Beck Institute I learned how to direct my life from the inside-out.  I found myself on a path that felt meaningful and sustainable, with confidence and joy as a by-product.  Skills I used to think wouldn't be useful "on the outside", naturally came into play;  they were just repurposed for what I wanted to create.  That's how I began using data for JOY.


It's now my mission to help others connect with their inner voice and start creating lives they love.  

What I know for sure is that if you're directing your life from the inside-out, not only will you thrive but so will those around you - you'll be a better partner, parent, friend, and earthling.